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....Services DHK Eduserve.
             DHK Eduserve Ltd. in association with like minded Societies/Trusts/Companies (registered under sec. 25, Companies Act) would like to establish across India and abroad : Sunbeam School - KG to Class XII (to be affiliated to CBSE)

Our Services:

Setting up school that delivers academic excellence and learning outcome is a process that involves time, a well-drawn-out plan and execution efficiency. DHK Eduserve Ltd. enables an Edu pruner - the confidence to ensure that results of his efforts in making the school a benchmark, a school to look upon to, in the region does materializes. DHK Eduserve Ltd. offers consultancy and expertise for complete educational transformation and turn-key assistance to establish and run schools with the help our experts who have nearing 5 decades of expertise in this field.

I. Pre-Operational Services:

• Human Resource Planning
• Teaching Methodology & Philosophy
• Infrastructure Designing and Layout
• Procurement and Material Management
• IT Management
• Financial & Cost flow Analysis
• Marketing & Promotion

II. Post Operational Services

• Curriculum & Syllabus Support
• Human Resources & Training Management
• IT Management
• Marketing & Promotion
• Facilities Management
• Operations Management
• Quality Assurance
• Events Support
• R&D Support
• Affiliation Knowhow

Sunbeam Schools Education Optimized !!

Today's new age learners have special intellectual, social, and emotional needs. They need an open, enriched educational environment designed to develop superior thinking skills. Students should have stimulating interaction with their intellectual peers and be encouraged to develop the skills and character traits of creative, productive, contributing members of the society. Sunbeam Schools provide a congenial, positive, enthusiastic school climate that supports and nurtures school life. We take great pride in gifting to the society students who are well aware of personal responsibility and steeped in task commitment, self-discipline, independent learning, and respectful conduct.

The SUNBEAM association benefits you by providing you :

• Well researched, structured curriculum broken down to monthly/daily schedule for seamless implementation.
• Training, up-gradation and assessment of teachers on a regular basis along with constant professional inputs to improve quality, performance levels and operational effectiveness.
• Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for implementing standardised systems prevalent amongst all Sunbeam Schools.
• Association with ancillary educational service providers to add value to your school.
• Affiliation know how.
• Impeccable reputation of The Sunbeam brand

The Sunbeam School Benefits:

• Assurance of a successful respectable venture, by being part of an established and reputed brand.
• Acknowledgment as an educator who is doing his bit to change and develop society.
• Unlimited growth opportunity

General Terms & Conditions:

• Non-Refundable Signing amount of ` 5 Lakhs.
• Annual Fees of 6 Lakhs to be appreciated by 10% every five years.
• 7% Consultancy charges to be paid from your total monthly turnover.
• Initial Agreement period of 30 years . (To be renewed after that).
• Taxes as per the Government policy & subject to change.
• Sunbeam Schools have carved a niche for themselves in all spheres of holistic education excelling in every conceivable facet of school education.
• Sunbeams across branches have topped CBSE exams down the years in their respective regions bringing laurels to themselves and to the school.
• Sunbeam Schools have been winning National and International competitions in the co-curricular and extra curricular fields organised all over India and abroad.
• Sunbeam Schools have a proven track record in the field of sports having produced several international and national champions in their sports fields.
• Leisure Time Activity sessions provide an opportunity to all the students to excel in a chosen field of interest and bring out their innate talent.
• Sunbeams have the opportunity to interact with the best Role Models in various streams thus getting to have a first hand knowledge of what it takes to be successful.
• That all associate schools will one day attain the same heights, is the conviction of our delivery and support system.
• As associate schools, you will benefit when your students will participate in Inter Sunbeam co-curricular festival & Inter Sunbeam Sports festival.
• Teachers regularly will have the opportunity to upgrade themselves through workshops (both internal and external), newsletters and website.
• Schools will be provided with assignments, worksheets , notices and activity time table schedules on daily/monthly basis to maintain uniformity in curriculum delivery across schools.
• Quality Control Group will be making visits to all the schools for thorough quality audits in academic and administration avenues and give feedbacks and suggestions.
• All developments in the education front the world over will be made available to all the schools through the Sunbeam EduServe R & D cell.
• Comprehensive marketing support by the parent body through indoor and outdoor media will help project all schools at their best.

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